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BriscoWeb is a Web Hosting Company Specializing in Managed WordPress Websites

As a technology company that specializes in web development & digital marketing, we’ve come to notice one of the most overlooked performance factors for many companies’ websites seeking help from BriscoWeb has been their web hosting provider. For many businesses using a website for digital marketing the small web hosting bill has become like another utility bill, set up for automatic billing & oftentimes overlooked.

There are also many businesses that may use a website builder like Wix or GoDaddy that includes their web hosting services all in one bill. Then there are many other companies that may use a professional website designer that has their own web hosting services. Either way, there always seems to be a disruption that forces a company to take a look at its web hosting services.

Maybe your local web designer is closing, or you’re just looking for a new website in general, finding a good web hosting company is of the utmost importance. This is a case that is happening in the Mooresville, NC area, where a local web designer is retiring & closing, leaving many businesses wondering where to go for website hosting.

Why Choose a Mooresville NC Web Hosting Company

If you’re already using a local web hosting company, then you probably already know some of the advantages of using local businesses for technology services. With video meeting platforms bridging the difference between localities, there are still advantages to using a local Mooresville, NC web hosting company.

The main advantage of using a local business is they know your target market. BriscoWeb understands the importance of needing website speed & performance to compete in the highly-competitive Charlotte, NC & Raleigh, NC SEO markets. Sometimes that extra boost of page load speed can make the difference in a page rank of #1 & #5.

There’s also the advantage of having a full-service web development backing your web hosting, with 24-hour support in your time zone. Page edits, sale announcements, & other simple tasks to BriscoWeb can be huge timesavers to business owners looking to concentrate on running their business, not their website.

Reminding Locals of Our Web Hosting Plans

That’s why we wanted to take the time to remind local Mooresville, NC residents about the affordable web hosting plans we have for businesses of all sizes. What separates BriscoWeb from others is that we have the fastest websites in the area, at the most affordable prices.

We have plans available from $46/month, which fits most business sizes not getting a lot of webpage visits. This includes Managed WordPress website hosting with 24-hour local support. For most service-oriented businesses not accepting online payments, this will handle all of your needs.

If you’re an online retailer with a lot of products, webpage visits, & a shopping cart like WooCommerce, then we have enterprise-plus plans starting at $92/month. This plan is recommended for businesses that see website visitors that visit a lot of web pages, like an online store selling thousands of auto parts. This plan fits most high-traffic websites.

Switching to BriscoWeb

We make it easy to switch to BriscoWeb website hosting plans. To get started simply visit our Managed WordPress Hosting Plans page, & find out more about what we have to offer. If we fit your company’s needs, click the get started button.

If you’d rather talk to someone live, feel free to give BriscoWeb a call at (704) 325-5100 Monday-Friday from 9 AM – 5 PM. You may also text or message us through our website, & someone will be in contact with you the next business day.

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