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BriscoWeb – Charlotte Web Design Services – Getting Started

BriscoWeb – Charlotte Web Design Services is a local service we came up with to help local businesses perform better online. With web design playing such a key role in SEO performance, it’s important you find a reputable agency to work with. We hope this blog post will provide some tips for getting started.

One of the first major challenges you will find is that big international companies with no support will dominate the paid search results. This can oftentimes make it hard to differentiate between web hosting companies with DIY builders & real web design companies. Your local Charlotte NC web designers will more than likely be in the organic search results.

Even still doing a basic search in your favorite search engine is a good starting point in finding a web designer in the Charlotte NC area. What we intend to focus on in this blog post though is how to prepare for a new website design.

Do You Want a Local Charlotte Web Design Agency?

One of the first things you might want to ask yourself is do you want a local company to work with or are you okay working with a national brand. Being in a larger market like the Charlotte NC metro area, chances are you can get the best of both worlds.

Here at BriscoWeb, we have both types of clients, as we work with customers all over the USA. This is one advantage of working with a small business located locally as well, as you get customer service support that is located within the United States. This also means their customer service hours are going to be more available for your business as well.

Using a local Charlotte Web Design Agency can have multiple advantages as well. One big advantage of using local designers is that they probably know your local market better than someone from another region. Another advantage of shopping local is it builds your social networking circle within the local Charlotte NC markets.

Set A Budget

Most companies have a set budget they want to spend on their website & digital marketing. If not, it would be a good idea to figure out what you want to spend on your website & digital marketing budget. This is the determining factor for a lot of companies depending on the scope & size of their project.

It’s also important to keep in mind that a good website design is only good if potential clients & customers are viewing it. Having a mobile-first, responsive website that looks good for viewing in the most possible devices will help with getting better local SEO, however, if your website is new you may want to consider some internet advertising in the budget for once the website is complete.

Starting simple may be the best bet for most small businesses starting out, but the more detailed & more pages that you want to be designed, the costlier the website can be to design. Designing product pages, variations of products, & shopping carts can be time-consuming. Knowing what you want to spend upfront will help both you & the designer.

BriscoWeb - Charlotte Web Design Services is a local WordPress Website  Design Company service offered in the Charlotte, NC area.

Working With The Website Designer

Once you have a budget of what you want to spend, the next thing is to set some goals for what you want to achieve with your website design. As a WordPress Website Design Company in the Charlotte, NC area, what we oftentimes find is our customers are shocked at what they can actually do with a reasonable digital marketing budget. WordPress provides scalability for businesses of all sizes thanks to ready-made third-party microservices, also called plugins.

The great thing is many of these plugins have free or low-cost solutions to help businesses grow their online presence. From email marketing to security to user management, there is a plugin for just about anything you want to do. Many top companies use WordPress technologies & popular third-party services like MailChimp & WooCommerce because they are fast, easy-to-use, well-tested, & very reliable.

Making these elements & goals work though require a little work on the customer’s end, as great websites have their companies branding, images of their facilities & products, & have original content including the warranties, shipping policies, & guarantees they offer on their services or products. The great thing is most companies already have these things written, & getting quality images has been a fun process for most of our clients.

What Types of Images To Have For A Good Web Design

One of the usual questions we get when we tell customers we want some images, is they usually want to know what to take pictures of. While there are always the obvious pictures of products you may offer in your e-commerce store, however, for the front page and/or inner pages of your website these aren’t always the most suitable for a good web design.

Just like if they were going to a physical store, users like to see what kind of facility they are operating out of. Both interior photos & exterior photos are recommended. It’s also good if you provide customer support or a sales staff to have images of those representatives so customers can see faces.

Also if you’re using product images on the front page or other pages of your website, it’s good to use the best ones. We always recommend using your company’s own branding & images, so we also ask that you include your logo designs with us as well. Like BriscoWeb, most digital marketing companies offer logo design services if you don’t already have one.

BriscoWeb - Charlotte Web Design Services Recent Client
BriscoWeb – Charlotte Web Design Services Recent Client

Content Creation For Better Web Design

In addition to images, we also like to get our customer’s own marketing & branding content. While many companies aren’t at a loss for producing content, condensing it down to a mobile webpage view can take some time. Prioritizing what you want to include in the hero section of the front page can also be a difficult decision for some as well.

A good web design agency can help with narrowing down this content, however, customers should expect a few rewrites & edits prior to taking a new web design live. Whether you have good SEO yet or not, you want to make it clear & concise, as engaging users on your site for as long as possible leads to achieving more website goals & driving more sales.

Websites selling services may need more in-depth content about their services, while e-commerce websites may be wanting to drive their customer to a specific product or to perform a product search. Content should be created around driving users to complete actions on your website that you have set in your website goals.

BriscoWeb – Charlotte Web Design Services Summary

No matter what you want your website to do, these are a few basic things that customers can look out for when preparing to look for a web design company in the Charlotte, NC area. The less time the web designer has to make edits, the faster you can get your new WordPress website design live.

To summarize what to prepare for when seeking a new web design, there are three main things to be concerned with. Having these three things prepared before meeting with a web designer will make the process go a lot smoother & faster. Reducing the number of edits ahead of time saves time for both the customer & the web designer.

  • What Are Your Website Goals?
  • Get Your Logo Designs & Images Prepared.
  • Start Preparing or Condensing Website Content.

We hope this blog post on our BriscoWeb – Charlotte Web Design services & what to expect has been helpful. Be sure to tune into our BriscoWeb Digital Marketing Blog for more blog posts & be sure to follow us on social media as well.

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