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When potential clients are searching the internet for your type of service, they typically type in a keyword phrase instead of just one single word. In fact, 58% of search queries are three words or longer. Our team initiates thorough research regarding the history of your company’s particular field and its current market value. We create an action plan and determine the timing of each step for an advanced search engine optimization (SEO).

Search Engine Optimization

SEO in a keyword phrase rather of just one specific word. Over 58% of searches are three words or more. BriscoWeb activates thorough research with regards to the history of your company’s specific field and its present market value. We generate an market plan and identify each step for an innovative search engine optimization.

  •  Website – Evaluation and Optimization
  • Competition – and Industry Analysis
  • Keyword – Selection and Key Phrase Research
  • Strategic – Link Building
  • Directory – Submission
  • Article – Creation and Submission
  • Forum – and Blog Postings
  • Social – Bookmarking
  • Google – Analytics
  • Advanced – SEM Reports

Search Engine Marketing and Pay Per Click Management

op organic search placement can take money and time depending on the your competitors and how soaked the market is for your industry. Pay Per Click (PPC) solutions will give your business premium ranking for your ads to be seen. Based on a bidding process where advertisers bid costs for sponsored area placements.

Keyword choice, scheduling, bidding, targeting, quality score, reporting and analytics are necessary for proper Pay Per Click (PPC) management. Google Adwords, Microsofts Ad Center and Yahoos Search Marketing are the three significant players in search engine pay per click advertising. We find benefit in all three and will help you choose which campaign(s) best suit your business needs.

Email Marketing

If your business caters to the automotive industry, email marketing maybe just the solution for your advertising products or services. We have joined with Automotive Industry Ads (AIA) for all of our email marketing campaigns. Automotive Industry Ads (AIA) has exclusive techniques of reaching target audiences through automotive relevant email banners integrated with product inquisitions. These emails are considered at an enormous percentage in comparison to other email marketing companies. Comprehensive with stat tracking and real time control panel for tracking.

Banner Ads

Banner Ads, a form of advertising such as embedding an advertisement on a web page.  Banner Ads are designed to entice traffic to your website by connecting to the website of the advertiser.  Banner Ads are usually static graphic images computer animated rich-media banner ads preform much better.  Banner Ads come in a wide range of sizes and shapes are designed to be unique and  individualized the website.

BriscoWeb has the expertise and skill needed to build you the finest, most successful banner ad for your business.  Our banner ads come in a variety of different sizes.  The most popular sized banner ad is 468 pixels wide by 60 pixels high (i.e. 468×60).  We will style and design you the most appealing and cutting edge banner ad for your business and we will present them across a network of high traffic publisher websites.  Our banner ads are the best in the industry and they feature many add-ons that our competition fail to include, such our dynamic content and product or service branding.

Banner Ads are a smart way to stretch your advertising budget, maximize your website exposure, produce high qualified sales leads, and they give you the capability to evaluate your results.  Why not let BriscoWeb craft you a unique banner ad for your business?  You won’t be let down.  Give one of our associates a call today to find out more about our modern banner ads.

BriscoWeb will exceed all your expectations.


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