Advantages of Using WordPress for Small Businesses

When looking for a website and technology platform to take your business online & to the next level, there’s a number of factors to take into consideration. User management, shopping cart provider, payment portal, ease of use for employees, marketing ability, search engine performance, & other business requirements must be met to really make the technological investment worthwhile.

Keeping all these things in mind can be overwhelming to even the most seasoned business manager, and for a small business owner it can make the goal of using web technology in their business systems seem out of reach. The reality though is that is just not the case thanks to WordPress technology.

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That is why we wanted to take a little time to talk about the advantages of using WordPress technology, and why it is the perfect technology solution for businesses of all sizes. WordPress has been a leader in web technologies for a long time, and has a huge development community with solutions for just about any business requirement a small business may need. 


Here are some of the biggest advantages WordPress offers small business.

1.)Ease of Use

The number one reason that WordPress is the go to technology for building a website is the ease of use. Deployment is quick and simple, with a ton of features built in out of the box. Complete with blog, theme, & pages to get started building a website. These are huge features for web designers and web developers, as it makes for a quicker build times of pages and features, thus lower costs to build compared to other technologies.

WordPress is also friendly the average computer user meaning it’s easy to train your employees on how to use WordPress and WordPress plugins. The easy to use back-end dashboard enables user management with roles to restrict access to features to keep your website secure, while letting other professionals work on your website like an SEO Manager or a sales manager filling orders from your E-Commerce store.

Finally, the large community of developers and users has created a huge knowledge-base of help with using basic features and popular third-party software plugins. While website design & setup of some plugin features require a WordPress developer to set up, once built the business owner can save money by having employees in-house use the technology whether for marketing, sales, or any other tasks you may need to perform with your WordPress website.


Some business owners may already have a website, but it doesn’t offer the flexibility that WordPress does. WordPress is very flexible with hundreds of trusted third-party plugins for E-Commerce, marketing, SEO, payments, CRM’s, & other software that integrates into web applications.

The popularity of WordPress as a website solution for businesses online has also developed a demand worthy enough for big technology companies like Google, Facebook, & Microsoft to develop plugins for clients using their software for a number of different tasks. This is what is meant by flexibility, in that you can use existing technologies with your new WordPress website.

Having a community of technology companies behind your product means that you get a lot of open source developers looking to solve everyday problems for businesses. Solutions for WordPress are considered for nearly every web technology because of its flexibility, making your technology solutions capable of using newer technologies & lasting longer than other products before needing updating of core frameworks to keep up with the rapidly developing technology age.


Flexibility doesn’t always mean scalability, but in the case of WordPress it helps out a lot. With some of the number one technologies for E-Commerce and SEO, scaleability was always at the center of developing WordPress. WooCommerce is the number one shopping cart provider on the web, primarily because of its scaling ability.

The WordPress REST API also offers plenty of developer solutions, and enables interactions with other websites like Facebook or Google Shopping. It also enables WordPress developers to query existing databases and create product feeds that can be loaded dynamically, making for quicker and lower cost website builds. Also, all user management is secure on the internet, meaning employees can access the backend anywhere they have internet access.

WordPress also has a content management system built in, so whether you’re looking to sell products with WooCommerce or run a local newspaper WordPress is built to scale as your content grows. 

4.)Search Engine Performance

Having a website doesn’t mean much if it doesn’t get recognized by the search engines. Because WordPress is a backend framework for PHP, all front-end displayed content is being rendered directly from the server. Search engines prefer server-side rendering, giving WordPress websites a huge advantage out of the box for search engine performance.

Then the WordPress REST API comes into play again, as URL’s can be easily customized to make for more search engine friendly URL’s. Also, pages that may not be very SEO-friendly can be excluded from the search, improving performance by removing poor performing URL’s from the search.

Third-Party SEO plugins have also made WordPress more easy to customize for your SEO team, in addition to having two of the best competing software solutions for SEO. This makes finding SEO professionals easier to find, as the popularity of WordPress has created an entire marketing industry directly concentrated on search engine optimization strategies.

5.)Technology Budget Friendly

By comparison to other web technologies, WordPress is a lot more budget friendly to businesses looking to get started online. Having a flexible and scaleable web technology solution like WordPress means that technologies can be added as needed, or whatever fits within the clients budget.

The WordPress framework offers so much out of the box, that often times small businesses can get there website up and running for not a lot of cost up front. If a business sees it is having success, it’s easy to upgrade the website to an e-commerce store or user management system.

Managed WordPress hosting solutions are also easy to find, meaning you don’t need a web developer. to keep your website technologies updated. SEO maintenance is also very affordable with WordPress, in addition to a number of other digital marketing solutions specifically designed for WordPress users and/or small businesses, at very affordable prices.


As you can see WordPress websites offer huge advantages to businesses of all sizes looking to improve their presence online. It may not be the solution for all businesses, but it is definitely. the perfect solution for businesses looking for more than just a website.

With WordPress the possibilities of where you can take your company’s technology is limitless. Even larger companies with custom frameworks will use WordPress for their digital marketing platform thanks to the flexibility and scaleability of the WordPress REST API and the ease of use by digital marketing professionals.

We hope this has been an informative article on what WordPress has to offer and that you’ll consider a WordPress website for your next web technology. BriscoWeb is the author of this blog and offers WordPress development to businesses of all sizes in a number of different industries. We offer nationwide WordPress development services out of the Charlotte, NC area in Mooresville, NC. Please consider us for your next WordPress Development project and please subscribe to the blog for more small business technology articles.

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