Why We Love WordPress for Website Development

From the beginning BriscoWeb were fans of the WordPress framework for PHP. In an industry like digital marketing, SEO is of the utmost importance to our clients, and WordPress makes content management for the average user so simple, it was a match made in heaven for our client base.

As WordPress website designers and developers though, it’s the WordPress.org community and support that makes us love this web technology so much. Having the tools to turn an informational website into and e-commerce platform with such ease is also another reason we love WordPress.

wordpress marketing services in Raleigh and Charlotte NC

WordPress is also a well recognized name among businesses of all sizes, and being a digital marketing agency in larger markets like Charlotte and Raleigh, NC, the majority of clients are already sold on WordPress before even reaching out to us. Being such a popular technology, WordPress has enabled us to concentrate solely on WordPress website design and development.

WordPress For Businesses of All Size

With almost 2 decades of use and powering almost 42% of all websites out there, WordPress has proven to be a web technology that can scale as businesses grow. The flexibility to add WordPress plugins, and/or build customizable plugins to meet your clients needs, growing businesses need not worry their web technology is not going to take their sales to the next level.

Training to use WordPress content management system and using popular plugins like WooCommerce and Yoast SEO is easy too. Many small business owners have employees performing multiple tasks, so training an employee to handle orders in WooCommerce is as simple as using any other point-of-sale system.

WordPress plugins also allow for the customization of email workflows when customers fill out leads or order products in your e-commerce store. Automating workflows can save businesses of all sizes time and money, while making life easier for existing employees.

Get Started with WordPress

Finally, WordPress is free to download and use. Getting started is easy, and you can have a great looking website up in minutes. Problems for small business owners, and many growing businesses, is they don’t have the time or resources to dedicate to building a WordPress website that does more than display information.

The good news is that this benefit is passed along to the customer, even when using a WordPress website developer like BriscoWeb to design and build your website. The power and tools that come right out of the box with WordPress allows us to get right to web design and development, saving time and labor on web development. 

Depending on size and scope of the website design and business requirements, most WordPress websites with an e-commerce platform can be up and running in the matter of days or weeks instead of months to years using other web technologies.

We hope this has been an informative blog post on why we love WordPress so much at BriscoWeb, because it’s a question we get asked. a lot. If you’re a business looking to get started using WordPress technology, then please reach out to us through social media or on the BriscoWeb website.

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