Setting up your iPhone email Account

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  1. Tap “Settings” app
  2. Tap “Mail, Contacts, Calendars
  3. Tap “Add Account…
  4. Tap “Other” (bottom option)
  5. Tap “Add Mail Account
  6. Enter Name, address (full email [email protected]), and password.
    (iPhone will attempt to guess your settings. Allow ~1 minute for it to fail.)
  7. Select IMAP.
    (It’s the default. The option you’ve selected will be highlighted blue.)
  8. Under “Incoming mail server
    1. Set “hostname” to yourdomain.com
    2. Set “username” to [email protected]
    3. Set “password” to your passwordiphone
  9. Under “Outgoing mail server
    1. Set “Host name” to yourdomain.com
    2. Set “User name” to [email protected]
    3. Set password to your password

You are now ready to send and receive emails via your iPhone.

Brian Holzberger

Brian Holzberger

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