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Landing page for Google Adwords

Google Introduces Google Landing Pages Tool

The Google introduction of the “Google Adwords Landing pages” page to Adwords is set to take place in the next several weeks is an exciting addition to the online marketing team at BriscoWeb, a Google Partner. Earlier this year Google put into place the ability to see exactly how your website landing pages are engaging your audience. The new measures for viewing URLs in your Google Accounts will allow us to easily see which drive the most conversions, which generate the most clicks, and which require attention to create a positive response to the mobile user.

The addition of this impressive tool to Google Adwords can allow the BriscoWeb AdWords team to make changes to pages that struggle, for example, not getting enough clicks, or lack a positive mobile user experience by organizing them for necessary adjustments and allow you to generate more revenue for your business from your website.

Analytic Testing for Best Mobile-Friendly Functionality

New metrics like “Mobile-friendly Click Rate”, will help us define the percentage of mobile clicks that go to a page based on Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test. The resource will sort landing pages from most to least friendly in ascending order to quickly identify questionable pages that need necessary changes. Reports will be readily available to keep you abreast of the functionality of your AdWords campaigns promptly and efficiently.

The data for the “Google Adwords Landing pages” page will be shown for all Google Adwords Search, Display, and Video Campaigns. The “Mobile Friendly Click Rate” Test, however, is currently only available on Search Network landing pages with further expansion planned on the horizon. BriscoWeb is pleased to discuss this exciting news with you and to share our Google certified knowledge in building a successful online marketing strategy for your company.

Alayna Browder

Alayna Browder

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