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In the 90’s, learning to create your own website would involve learning HTML. At that time, HTML was quite the beast to tackle, but today it is much more simplified, but if you really want to reach a wide audience, you will need to employ responsive website design.

Web Platforms Today

Right now, there are plethora of platforms in use, most of which are mobile. For example, many people are employing iPads or Android tablets for their everyday web surfing needs, while others prefer to use mobile phones. The way we access the internet is changing rapidly, and with that being the case, the way we design our websites also needs to change.

Responsive Website Design

By looking at the different mobile devices, it is easy for you to see that different resolutions are being employed.This of course is only a basic outline, and as new devices enter the market, you will need to consider your various design options. For example, how will the menus work on a smaller screen? Will all of the website’s content be available on the mobile version of the website? It is well known that websites like Facebook provide mobile versions but with scaled back functionality. Will your website fall to the same fate? If you want to have a successful launch, you will need to design several versions of your website, and if you cannot offer certain functionality, make sure you can offer alternatives that accomplish the same thing.Also bear in mind that mobile version of your website will need to be touch friendly. The vast majority of mobile devices no longer use keys to navigate, so your links will need to be easy to touch. This is definitely something to consider when you are creating your website and employing responsive website design.

The Bottom Line

2013 is going to be a new era for web design. As people move away from the desktop computer, they migrate toward mobile devices, ensuring that they are always connected. It is important for web designers to adapt and explore different technologies as they become available. This is a new world, and it’s time for a new web.

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