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Getting SEO results at Scale

Maximizing SEO performance using WordPress & WooCommerce can range in difficulty from easy to hard. If you only have one product to concentrate on it can be very easy, if you have 50,000 products it can be a challenge.


The advantage of using WordPress & WooCommerce is that there are readily available solutions to dynamically input meta data. Yoast SEO, WP All-In-One SEO, & other plugins really make it easy to do SEO for a couple of products.  To take advantage of dynamic features you’re more than likely going to have to purchase subscriptions.


While both great products, using any software is going to have a learning curve, & that’s why SEO experts like BriscoWeb are here to help. The purpose of this blog post is to help identify when you need an SEO experts help or not.

Do I Need an SEO Expert?

There are a lot of factors to keep in mind when considering on whether or not to hire an SEO expert or not. The main factor being time, as getting good SEO performance takes a lot of time to get first page results. Especially if you’re in a bigger market like we are in Charlotte & Raleigh NC SEO markets.


As mentioned earlier, if you’re only selling one or a couple of products, it may fit into your schedule to dedicate digital marketing time to SEO. If you have more than a few products, it may be in your best interest to hire an SEO expert who can dedicate the amount of time required.


The additional costs of a digital marketing agency handling your SEO for WordPress & WooCommerce may not be in your budget. So this is another major factor in your decision making process. 

Improving Site Speed

Maximizing SEO performance takes more than just entering in meta data, it also takes speed. Just like with entering meta data, WordPress has a ton of options for improving site speed. 


Litespeed Cache & WP Rocket are two of the most popular WordPress plugins for improving website page load times. Simply installing the plugins & doing some basic installation may improve site speed some, but maximizing the use of caching plugins can be challenging to a business owner.


This is one aspect of SEO where using an expert is definitely recommended. There’s also the added bonus of improving overall user experience with faster loading pages, so it’s another good reason to take advantage of using an SEO expert like BriscoWeb

Responsive Website Design

In 2021 the majority of users accessing your website are coming from a mobile device. Google & the other major search engines have taken this into consideration, and this weighs into the search result rankings.


While this should be considered in the web design process, this is not always the case for established websites. If you have an older website an SEO expert may be able to help improve mobile viewing.


Depending on the age of the theme and WordPress version you are using, it may be time for a redesign if you’re having customers complain about your mobile website version. 

Content Strategy

Whether you have an existing website or a new website, developing SEO-rich content on your webpages is crucial to maximizing SEO performance with WordPress & WooCommerce. Including keywords & phrases that potential customers are searching for is a must.


There is also the delicate balance of including keywords & phrases without getting flagged by search engines for keyword stuffing. The easiest way to avoid keyword stuffing is to write unique & descriptive descriptions of products & services, without losing the readers attention.


Contributing to the writing of content on your own website is a necessity, however, an SEO expert can definitely help in keyword research & refining your language to use terms that include these keywords and phrases. Chances are you know your product best, but a customer may be searching for something different, and this is where a digital marketing expert provides a lot of value.

Backlinking Strategy

Getting ranked in the top of the search results on Google & Bing takes time, generally a few months to a year, & that’s why it’s important to have a backlinking strategy to get your website noticed. There are many great platforms for backlinking, including many that are industry specific that have great Domain Authority scores.


Social media, business listing websites, & mapping services are a great place to start backlinking. Most major search engines want to see linking to social media in the meta data of a WordPress website. SEO plugins like Yoast help with this process.


There are literally dozens of these websites that can help improve your  website visibility score. This process takes a lot of time, so having an SEO expert handling this can add a lot of value to business owners. 

SEO Checklist & Summary

As you can see there is a lot of work behind maximizing SEO performance on a WordPress website with or without WooCommerce. While doing this process yourself is possible, your time could be much better spent as a business owner doing something else.

So whether doing it yourself or hiring an expert, make sure you have at least these elements of SEO strategy.

  • Mobile-First Responsive WordPress Website Design
  • SEO-Rich Content Strategy without Keyword Stuffing
  • Meta Data for Title, Slug, & Description on Every Webpage
  • Page & Image Optimization for Speed and User Experience
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