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Google Chrome is gaining ground on Internet Explorer and Firefox, and it is showing no signs of stopping. Google Chrome has many benefits, which makes it a good choice for casual Internet users and more advanced users who use the web for work or research. Comparing traffic data from the month of August for two consecutive years, Chrome shows nearly a 200% increase in traffic, while Firefox and Explorer lost users. When comparing traffic from August 2010 to August 2011, Google Chrome rose from 6.46% to 12.64%, an increase of 196%. Internet Explorer dropped from 63.13% to 50.62%. Firefox, which has long been the favorite browser of web savvy users, dropped from 20.83% to 18.90%. Safari and Android browser both saw slight increases due to Chrome for its features and ease of use.

Both Explorer and Firefox are clunky browsers that use a lot of your valuable system resources. Chrome was built for speed, and it outperforms other browsers in speed tests. It launches within seconds of double-clicking the icon, so you’re ready to start browsing before other browsers even open.

Pages open quickly thanks to WebKit rendering engine, an open source program built into Chrome. Chrome runs a faster JavaScript engine, so web applications open and run faster than they do on other browsers. Google is continually updating the JavaScript engine, so Chrome gets faster with each update. Search and browse faster with the Omnibox. Now you can search directly from the browser without going to The Omnibox will suggest sites and search terms based on your history, favorites and user data.

Google has many free services available to users, such as Google Maps, Gmail, Blogger and more. Google Chrome is designed to work seamlessly with these applications and web pages. Chrome can even translate a web page within the browser without the need to navigate to another web site.

Web apps and extensions make it easy to customize Google Chrome. One of the main advantages of using Firefox is the ability to add extensions to customize the browser. Now, users can install extensions in Chrome to make their browsing faster and customized to their needs.

Brian Holzberger

Brian Holzberger

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