Facebook Marketing

Meta Business Services

Our Facebook marketing services can help your business achieve success on the Meta Business Platforms. Utilize the most popular tools on Facebook & Instagram.


We start with Facebook marketing by setting up a Facebook Pixel to track success & provide analytics on continuous ads.


Our team can build audiences, look-alike audiences, campaigns, & ad sets that help sell your product or service. Do more than boost posts.

More Facebook Marketing Integrations

Facebook Store
Product Feed

We help WordPress website users integrate their WooCommerce products into their Facebook store dynamically. Save time, generate better ads, & driver more sales to your website store.

Facebook Page

Content is hard to produce if you’re too busy filling sales orders. BriscoWeb can help generate daily posts & stories to help drive traffic to your Facebook Page & help grow your audience & reach on Facebook. 


Let customers have more ways to reach you by integrating the Facebook Messenger chat feature on your Facebook Page & your website. Assign conversations to sales & customer services reps with ease.

Common Questions About Facebook Marketing

Setting a monthly budget is a good way to monitor spending on Facebook advertising. Coming up with a budget number for Facebook Ads can be challenging & BriscoWeb can help get a good advertising budget number for your product or service. Depending on how many products & services you are looking to advertise, the size of audience you are trying to reach, existing Facebook presence, & other factors increase spending, however, we find most small businesses do well with a $500-$2000 Facebook Ad budget.

Facebook Pixel is an analytics tool created to help Facebook Page users monitor how Facebook users behave on their website. It is a great analytics tool for monitoring page performance, ad performance, monitor on-page events, event tracking, & offers insights to your customers marketing demographics. For example, you sell auto parts and can see if users engaging with your content are mechanics, DIYers, or dealers based on information in their Facebook profiles.

Setting up a Facebook Shop can help you sell products to customers on Facebook & they it can do a whole lot more with additional Facebook marketing efforts. Make better ads, feed products through your WordPress website, & so much more.

Event tracking is a feature that is available through Facebook Pixel that allows Facebook Page owners to track how visitors interact with ads on Facebook, with the ability to see how users engage with links to your website or e-commerce store. This information is critical in determining if your advertising efforts are generating sales from CPC advertising on Facebook.

While Facebook boosts work really well for getting one post out to a large audience, continuous ads can be seen on multiple Facebook advertising platforms like Instagram, WhatsApp, In-video ads, Facebook & Instagram Stories, Facebook Marketplace, & other platforms inside Facebook. Continuous ads also allow for the creation of audiences & look-alike audiences that help with both remarketing & growing your Facebook Ad reach.

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