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Charlotte NC SEO Experts agree that ranking higher in local search results will improve website traffic & overall sales. The problem is, that’s easier said than done, especially for small business owners just getting started. While digital marketing agencies have affordable SEO plans, they still may not be on the budget for a new business.

That’s why we’ve decided to do a blog post to help you get a better search ranking for your new website. The good thing about starting with a new website is you can build the SEO from the ground up. Finding the time to develop the content, do the backlinking, monitor performance, & maintain social media may be the biggest challenge.

The good news though is the hard work will pay off, whether you or a Charlotte NC SEO Expert does the work for you. We hope this blog post can help get the smaller businesses a good enough start.

Content is King

The most time-consuming part of getting better SEO performance may be finding the time to develop content. The shorter the post, the more attention it may get on social media, but not so with search engines. The more times search engines can find keywords, the more likely it’s going to appear in search results.

On the flip side of that, search engines are intelligent & they know when SEO experts are trying to word stuff. This can make finding the balance between including your targeted keyword & overusing that word a challenge. Use it too many times & the search engine will look at your website negatively.

So when developing content for SEO it’s important to use variations of your keyword to help balance things out. Doing this can also make it more enjoyable for the reader. Making good, informative content also can help drive sales, announce promotions, & build re-marketing lists.

Active Social Media

Once you have good content built, it should be promoted so that everyone can see it. Charlotte NC SEO experts all agree that having active social media marketing helps create more backlinking opportunities. Backlinks from major social media platforms are from what most search engines consider more reputable sites.

Content creators & e-commerce stores have lots of opportunities to build backlinks with social media. Backlinking is a critical component of SEO, and the more reputable the site, the better the backlink. Most social media also has opportunities to link pages in your social media profile as well.

Another added bonus to having active social media is that many social media sites have become top search engines as well. Staying active helps with SEO on social media when users are using site searches to find products & services.

Quality Images

Charlotte NC SEO Experts will also tell you that another overlooked search engine is the image search function on major search engine websites. Many image websites rank in the Top 10 for searches in a number of major retail industries in America.

Posting original, quality images will help attract users’ attention, in addition to giving you additional opportunities to enter keywords & search terms for SEO. Images in WordPress are separated into a media gallery allowing for easy work of this SEO trick.

Giving the image a good title, description, & caption can all help improve your SEO performance. While images will help with general searches as well, the text will never display as an image in the results. So it’s important to add relevant photos to your business’s products & services to improve SEO performance.

Hiring an SEO Expert

Doing any or all of these Charlotte NC SEO Expert tips will help improve SEO, but sometimes business owners don’t have the staff or time to do it. Other times, businesses may get a good start on their own, see results, & get too busy to maintain the ranking.

If you are in either category or just not very good with web technology, then it may be time to hire a Charlotte NC SEO expert. Most digital marketing agencies that offer SEO services normally have flexible pricing plans, depending on the difficulty & number of keywords you are looking to rank for.

BriscoWeb of the Lake Norman area in Charlotte, NC is a local SEO firm with both local, regional, & national expertise. All of our WordPress websites builds come with front-page SEO included, with flexible options for businesses of all sizes.

If you need help with SEO, give us a call click the button below to use an online form.

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