History of Search Engines and Directories

1993: The first widely acclaimed search engine, the World Wide Web Wanderer, appears. Created to measure the growth of the Web, it performs its job through 1997. Statistics that this search engine compiled are still available on the Web today. 1994: WebCrawler comes on the scene. The original WebCrawler database contained just 6,000 websites. AOL […]

BriscoWeb Investigates Google’s New Apache Module

Original date: November 6, 2010 by: Admin A new Apache module has just released by the Google Development Team. This module is expected to increase page load by 2X. More information click here. BriscoWeb is currently testing this module for reliability and performance. Professional Website Design Offer Make Paypal Phone Number Required

Google Chrome Browser of Choice

Original date: January 24, 2012 by: Admin Google Chrome is gaining ground on Internet Explorer and Firefox, and it is showing no signs of stopping. Google Chrome has many benefits, which makes it a good choice for casual Internet users and more advanced users who use the web for work or research. Comparing traffic data from [...]

SEO – SEM – Internet Marketing Explained

Original date: May 2, 2012 by: Brian Holzberger In recent years, search engine optimization, or SEO, has become a familiar term to many in the business world, especially for website designers and content writers. Alongside SEO, there has evolved another term, known as SEM, or search engine marketing. Search engines use keywords to tell it what a [...]