Search Engine Optimization

BriscoWeb interviews the customer and researches their primary marketing objectives. We develop a resource technique and optimize leading organizations in this area in order to attain advantage in benefit of our customer against their present or prospective competitors. Our team triggers thorough analysis pertaining to the history of your company’s specific field and its present market value. We create an activity plan and identify the timing of each phase.

Keyword Analysis

Once we have the industry analysis results we uncover your potential customer’s actions on the internet. This phase helps us to recognize who your prospective customers are.When Internet users navigate to your website by accident and they are not looking for your content, they will immediately leave your site. This will raise your website’s bounce rate, and excessive bounce rates reduce your website’s ranking on search engine final results. BriscoWeb knows the ideal outcome is to increase your Return on Investment.

Website Optimization

This is a specialized optimization that we perform after the keyword analysis and marketing evaluation has been completed. In this phase, we embed the codes, tags, titles and keywords, into the every page of your website. We also re-evaluate and develop these every month in order to capture the top search items.

To cope with fraudsters and black hat SEOs, search engines are consistently changing their algorithms. Fake clickers,spam, pop-ups, are often used to guarantee large level of traffic. It makes no sense to get large traffic levels without reaching your company goals. This can lead to being black listed by search engines. Briscoweb doesn’t use fake clickers to maximize your click through rate. Maximum clicks without achieving the goal of promoting or selling your products is not a success.